Fishkeeping Answers

Need fishkeeping advice? We have a team of top aquatic experts on hand to answer your questions. Email us at [email protected] and we'll pass your question on to the most relevant expert. Remember to include as much information as you can about your set-up and a photo could be useful too. There are even prizes for the Tropical, Marine, Plant and Coldwater/Pond letters of the month!

Which cichlids would work in this set-up?

Jeremy Gay helps a young reader choose chichlids for his first tropical community tank.

Could a scented candle be a danger to my fish?

Neale Monks explains the potential risk of scent in the same room as your aquarium.

How can I calm these nervous fish?

Bob Mehen advises a reader on keeping Silver sharks in an aquarium.

How small can a reef tank go?

Jeremy Gay advises a reader on what's required to set up small reef tank.

Is there a reef-safe puffer?

Jeremy Gay helps a reader to decide on which type of puffer to choose for setting up his tank.

Why do our goldfish keep dying?

Jeremy Gay investigates the reasons a reader's daughter may be losing her goldfish.

Can I keep Platies with Swordtails?

Neale Monks helps a reader decide on mixing Platies with Swordtails in a community tank.

Why is there so much chasing going on?

Neale Monks advises a reader on a problem with fish in a small tank.

Can I keep Koi in this pond?

A Canadian reader wonders whether he can keep Koi in a small pond. Jeremy Gay advises.