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Can I get some Koi for this pond?

A reader asks about acquiring Koi for a mature pond with existing fish.

How do I tackle this stinky algae?

A reader is frustrated by the unpleasant smell from his tank.

How easy are sea fans to keep?

A reader wonders how best to keep sans in his reef tank. Jeremy Gay advises..

What can I add for algae control?

A reader is looking for a clean-up crew to help with algae.

Why are my lily's leaves so tiny?

A reader asks why the leaves on her Nymphaea lotus bulb seem very small and insubstantial. Expert Jordan advises...

How many water changes will it take to beat algae?

A reader asks what water changes are advised to keep algae away from their tank as much as possible?

How do I prepare my tank for an extended holiday?

Short holidays, of a week or two, are easily dealt with — provided the tank is well maintained and the fish in good…

Which killifish are best to start with?

The three most common non-annual killifish you’ll find in the trade are Fundulopanchax gardneri, Aplocheilus lineatus,…

Are shelldwellers community-safe?

A reader asks what size aquarium would be needed for his shelldwelling cichlids.