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Corydoradinae revision changes names for hundreds of species

Nathan Hill •

Taxonomic shake up in the armoured catfish world means that you’ll have to learn a lot of new (ex) Corydoras names.

CITES Marine Fish Workshop opens in Australia

Practical Fishkeeping •

The global ornamental aquatics industry unites at Australian workshop to push for conservation of marine species.

Thousands of dollars worth of tropical fish stolen from restaurant returned

Practical Fishkeeping •

Live fish were stolen along with their plants and food in a baffling robbery at a family restaurant, before being…

Help lift the Hawaii Ban to get wild yellow tangs back

Practical Fishkeeping •

The Fishermen of Hawaii are asking for reef aquarium owners to send an email to a Hawaiian court opposing the current…

Fish dead in local Swindon shop after suspected sabotage poisoning

Practical Fishkeeping •

A number of fish have died in a popular local fish store following what has been described as a deliberate act of…

One fifth of Mekong River’s tropical fish face extinction

Practical Fishkeeping •

A World Wildlife Fund report has revealed that 19% of the Mekong River’s fish are threatened with extinction.

Popular aquarium fish to join susceptible disease list

Practical Fishkeeping •

The range of fish and crustaceans identified as vectors for, or susceptible to notifiable diseases is growing for 2024,…

Maidenhead Belfast is the Readers' Poll 2023 Regional Winner 

After being initially overlooked, Northern Ireland store Maidenhead Aquatics in Belfast has been nominated Regional…

AQUAH: A new UK aquatic and reptile show for 2024

A brand new aquatic and reptile show, AQUAH, is coming to the NAEC in Stoneleigh, Kenilworth on 21st - 22nd September…