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What should I do with all these fry?

One reader is looking for advice on how to best re-home his Guianacara jatapu fry. Jeremy Gay advises...

Should we go back to an undergravel filter?

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Can I add more rainbows?

Neale Monks offers his advice to a PFK reader who would like to add a third rainbow species to their tank.

Can I add more wrasse?

One reader would like to know if he can add more wrasse to his reef aquarium. David Wolfenden offers his advice...

Which plants would work with an Axolotl?

Neale Monks offers his advice to a reader who would like to put some plants in their Axolotl’s aquarium.

What’s wrong with this catfish?

Dr Peter Burgess helps one reader who is worried about one of his Dora catfish.

What can I keep with Jaguar cichlids?

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