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What fish can I keep with Firemouths?

Neale Monks advises one of our readers on the best way to get moderately aggressive cichlids to tolerate tankmates...

Can I mature a new filter quickly?

Luckily, yes! The simplest way is to add things from a mature aquarium - as Neale Monks explains...

What cichlids can I keep in a cooler tank?

Dwarf cichlids are incredibly diverse and therefore environmental parameters are diverse too, and there are some…

What is wrong with these fry?

A reader is concerned about his baby guppies who have bent backs, and asks if euthanasia is the only option. Fish expert…

How do I deal with this muck?

A reader struggles to keep his tank clean even after carrying out a water change. Expert Bob advises...

How do I breed my corys?

One of our readers would like to breed some albino corys. Fish expert Bob advises on the best way to do it...

Can I stop my fish digging up my plants?

A reader asks for any tips to halt the uprooting of his planted tank. Bob Mehan advises.

Are these dwarf cats safe with small fish?

A reader is interested to learn a little more about dwarf bumblebee catfish, Bob Mehen advises.

Can I get some Koi for this pond?

A reader asks about acquiring Koi for a mature pond with existing fish.