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How do I control algae from the very start?

One reader is concerned about controlling algae in his new set-up.

How do I keep a puffer?

A reader asks for advice on keeping Dwarf puffers in a 60 litre tank.

What can I keep to add midwater movement?

A reader wonders if there is anything he can add to his tank to fill the middle area. Bob Mehan advises.

Will this cloudy water clear?

A reader is concerned about cloudy water in his new tank set up.

How do I create dawn and dusk effects?

One reader asks advice on setting up a lighting system in his tank.

Is there an alternative to this cumbersome hood?

A reader finds her wooden tank hood too heavy but can't find a lightweight alternative, PFK expert Neale Monk offers…

Will my pleco eat my shrimp?

A reader worries his shrimps will be safe sharing a tank with a Pleco. PFK expert Bob Mehan advises.

Why can’t I keep my Turbo snails alive?

A reader is puzzled as to why his turbo snails have such a short lifespan. PFK expert Jeremy Gay advises.

How can I make water changes easier?

A reader asks for advice on best ways to keep his tank healthy for keeping discus.