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How to Identify and Treat Common Pond Diseases

Nathan Hill •

What types of disease can affect the everyday garden pond? We take a look at the common maladies that can make outdoor…

How do I look after my aquarium while on holiday?

Nathan Hill •

Is it possible to take a holiday when you're an aquarium owner? It is if you prepare ahead of time.

How often should I clean my aquarium filter?

Practical Fishkeeping •

When it comes to aquaria, filtration is usually the most essential life support system there is. So how is it cleaned…

The Best Places to Buy Live Aquarium Fish

Nathan Hill •

Which is the best choice of supplier for your livestock? We look at some of the options.

Why is my aquarium water cloudy?

Nathan Hill •

Cloudy water can be worrying for a new aquarist, and outright alarming for an established one. So, what causes your…

Do I need a filter for an aquarium?

Nathan Hill •

The aquarium filter is considered one of the most essential pieces of fishkeeping equipment. But are they necessary in…

How to set up an African biotope aquarium

Nathan Hill •

Tired of seeing Anubias-based displays teeming with Kribensis, Nathan Hill takes a different slant on aquariums in the…

Practical Fishkeeping Readers' Poll 2023 Winners Announced

Nathan Hill •

The Readers’ Poll returned for 2023, and now we can proudly reveal the stores that you voted as the top shops for the…

Terms & Conditions: Question of the Month Letter Tetra x Practical Fishkeeping Prize

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