Fishkeeping Answers

Need fishkeeping advice? We have a team of top aquatic experts on hand to answer your questions. Email us at [email protected] and we'll pass your question on to the most relevant expert. Remember to include as much information as you can about your set-up and a photo could be useful too. There are even prizes for the Tropical, Marine, Plant and Coldwater/Pond letters of the month!

What can I keep with this frog?

Neale Monks advises a reader on the best way to accommodate his African clawed frog.

How far apart should I place my corals?

Jeremy Gay advises on how to safely place corals in a tank.

How do I keep telescope-eye goldfish?

Jeremy Gay helps a reader choose a tank to keep telescope-eyed fancy goldfish.

How do I set up this rearing tank? 

Neale Monks advises a reader on protecting his newborns in a rearing tank.

What causes swim bladder disease? 

Dr. Peter Burgess advises on possible remedies to treat fish with swim bladder disease.

When should I add this adult mbuna?

Jeremy Gay advises a reader on mixing an adult mbuna with juveniles.

Will this mix of fish work?

Max Pedley helps a reader choose fish that will mix harmoniously in his tank set up.

How do I divide this plant?

Neale Monks advises a reader on the best way to divide a Java fern.

Why is this fish so aggressive?

Max Pedley helps a reader understand the reasons his fish are being bullied in the tank.