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Why do my plants stop growing?

A reader asks for advice on adding stem plants to her aquarium. PFK expert Jordan Stirrat advises.

Will these snails starve without algae?

A reader asks how he should feed snails?

Will these catfish fit into my set-up?

A reader wonders whether a Hyalobagrus flavus would fit in with his other fish.

What marine equipment also works in freshwater?

A reader asks for advice on equipment for exporting organics.

Are these materials safe to use?

A reader asks advice on the best and safest way to create depth in his aquascape.

Will this cabinet take the weight of my tank?

A reader finds a leak in his tank and asks if its best to buy a dedicated aquarium stand.

What’s safe to keep with minnows and shrimp?

What fish are good to add to a tank that won’t prey on shrimp or minnows? Bob Mehen advises…

Will copepods work as holiday food? 

Are copepods enough to keep fish going for a week whilst on holiday? A reader asks… 

Why is my office tank giving me problems? 

When a bunch of dissimilar species all die at once, you can usually assume it’s environmental rather than disease. As…