Fishkeeping Answers

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Do fish sleep?

Ever wondered if fish actually sleep? Nathan Hill shares his advice...

Which nano reef tank is best for a bedroom?

Jeremy Gay helps a reader choose the right nano tank for her son's bedroom.

What can I do about this aggressive Angel?

A reader asks for advice on what to do about a bullying Angelfish. Neale Monks advises.

How do I battle this algae?

Neale Monks advises a reader on the best ways to tackle the problem of algae in her tank.

How do I improve this aged water chemistry?

Neale Monks advises on a reader's problem with the water chemistry in an old tank.

Which mbuna are best to start with?

Jeremy Gay advises on which mbuna are best to start off with.

How should I tempt this picky Fighter?

Bob Mehen advises on varying food mix for a reader's Siamese Fighting Fish.

Are these barbs ready to spawn?

Neale Monks helps a reader understand if his Tiger Barbs are spawning.

Which corals are best for beginners?

A reader asks what corals he should use for his reef set-up, Jeremy Gay advises.