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    The eyes have it this month! From Steve Baker’s awesome feature on the Blue-eyes (Pseudomugil) to Chris Sergeant’s in-depth feature on fish vision, we’re all about show and tell for the December issue. Max Pedley goes on a hunt for Minnows in Yorkshire rivers, while Steve Baker makes us some eye candy aquarium background — and shows you how to build one yourself.
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Global trade bodies write open letter of concern to CITES

Trade associations from across the globe have issued an open letter to the CITES Secretariat expressing their concern about the rushed timetable and lack of robust inquiry being proposed to study the trade and conservation of marine ornamental fish.

ZSL London Zoo Aquarium closes down

Once famed for inventing the word Aquarium (previously known as aquatic vivariums), ZSL London zoo is now without one, writes Steve Baker.

Sometimes pricy, sometimes cheap. Credit: Shutterstock
Are fish really worth the price?

What gives a fish its value? Is there a higher objective structure to what we pay, or are we being played off for chumps? Nathan Hill looks at some of the factors involved.

Your tanks: Mark Allison

Fishkeeping is a niche hobby, but some aquarists are pushing into niches of niches. Meet Mark Allison, who’s bred more Corys than you’ve had hot dinners.

What should I do if my fish are gasping?

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What should I do if my fish are gasping?