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    What A delight this month has been for me. Working from home, I’ve saved hours on commuting, and found myself returning to my roots — I’ve actually had enough time to write for my own magazine! I know, I’m confused by that too. But I’m sure as heck not complaining about it. This issue has ended up a little ‘catfish heavy’, but as the late artist Bob Ross would say, “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents...”
    On Sale: 18 August 2020
Pond keepers offered chance to recycle their old pond pumps

Blagdon has launched its new Amphibious IQ scrappage scheme offering consumers £25 off an energy-efficient pond pump when they trade in their old one for recycling.

New Biotope Aquarium Project unveiled

In January 2020, the Biotope Aquarium Project (BAP) was launched worldwide and is now accessible on www.biotopeaquariumproject.com writes Natasha Khardina.

1st Virtual Bettas4all Show – May 2020

COVID-19, the disease caused by new corona (SARS-CoV-2) virus is currently affecting the entire world.

Sustaining your aquarium during the COVID-19 virus lockdown

Following on from the blog in which we considered all the consumable products needed to see us through these uncertain times, we also need to think about two commodities that no tank can manage without.

French aquatics firm Prodibio mobilizes to sanitise health workers in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic

We can all do our bit to limit the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic such as self-isolate, improve our hygiene practices and socially distance ourselves. One organisation taking this a step further in order to help others during these challenging times is aquatics firm Prodibio.

Preparing your aquarium for COVID-19 isolation

There are unpredictable times ahead for us all. While we have concerns about the health of our loved ones, work and paying bills, don’t let the care of your aquarium add to your worries. Here, we outline how to maintain your tank as a slice of calm in an uneasy world.