• Practical Fishkeeping

    Inside the August issue we have a feature on the Asterophysus Batachus the 'down in one' predator. We explore the habitat of the Black Phantom Tetra, gaze into the intense eyes of Poropanchax Luxophthalmus and have a visual guide to the blennies.
OATA chief takes on Advisor position at freshwater fish charity

OATA’s chief executive Dominic Whitmee has accepted an offer to become an advisor on Shoal’s Advisory Group.

NT Labs add botanical treatments to their award-winning aquarium range

The NT Labs Aquarium range was originally launched in 2011, now in its ninth year the team at NT Labs are still adding new products to this hugely popular range. NT Labs are pleased to announce the introduction of two botanical products to this range.

OATA launches new jobs page for industry vacancies

The trade association for the ornamental aquatics industry has launched a new jobs page for the industry to help find the right talent.

Understanding territories

Living in a confined space means that fish are in each other’s faces all the time. Tim Smith looks at the troublesome nature of territories.

Understanding water hardness

Water hardness — not the most exciting of subjects to try and fully understand. The extensive amount of terminology makes the subject seem endless and confusing in equal measure.

Fishkeeping gets caught-up in the middle of a 16 year aviation row between the EU and USA

Steve Baker •

As punishment for subsidising aviation company Boeing, the European Union (EU) are imposing tariffs on certain products from the United States of America (USA), including ornamental fish.