Fishkeeping Advice

Fishkeeping advice answering all of your questions on keeping cold water, tropical, marine, freshwater and salt water fish.

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Which of these ‘firemouths’ is best for me?

Jeremy Gay advises a reader on keeping Firemouths in a community tank.

What can I keep in a summer tub?

Jeremy Gay advises on which fish would suit a tub in summer months.

Did a tank overhaul kill these fish?

Dr Peter Burgess contemplates the reasons why a reader's fish may have died following a tank refurbishment.

Which dwarf cichlids would suit this set-up?

Max Pedley advises on setting up a tropical tank.

Why won’t this Discus fish eat?

Jeremy Gay tackles the question of a Discus not taking food.

What caused my barb’s whirling behaviour?

Dave Hulse answers a reader worried about her Rosy barb.

Do these predators need live food?

Jeremy Gay advises a reader on feeding anglerfish.

What fish can I keep in this hard water?

Bob Mehen answers the question of keeping fish in hard water.

Why can’t we keep bottom feeding fish?

Bob Mehen answers the problem of keeping fish that feed on the bottom of the tank.