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Fishkeeping advice answering all of your questions on keeping cold water, tropical, marine, freshwater and salt water fish.

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Can I hatch out a shark and grow it on?

Jeremy Gay advises on whether it’s wise to keep a shark in a home aquarium.

Can I add pondfish in autumn?

One reader asks when is the latest he can add goldfish to his pond? Jeremy Gay advises.

Will my lighting hurt these fishes’ eyes?

One PFK reader would like to know if his LED plant specialist lighting will cause his albino Kribs any problems.

What should I feed my veggie fish?

Bob Mehen gives his advice to a PFK reader who would like to know what food he can safely feed his vegetarian fish.

How do I set up for these gobies?

Neil Monks gives his advice to a reader who would like to set up a brackish biotope for bumblebee gobies.

Would an all-male African cichlid set-up work?

Jermey Gay gives his advice to a reader who is returning to the hobby after a break, and would like to know whether an…

How should I adjust this water?

One reader would like some advice on how is best to adjust the water in her tank. Neale Monks gives his advice...

What is this mystery fish?

Jeremy Gay shares his advice to a PFK reader who has found a mystery fish after dismantling an old above-ground pond.

What are these bugs?

Neale Monks gives his advice to a reader who has discovered some little creatures swimming about the gravel in his…