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How and why you should maintain water quality during summer months

Summer can be an enjoyable time for pondkeepers. It’s an opportunity to relax in the garden while your fish are more…

How to cool your aquarium in a heatwave

Unless you’ve accidentally locked yourself in the fridge, you’ll be unable to miss just how sweltering it is this…

Will my fish grow to the size of its tank?

Wondering if your fish will grow to the size of its tank? Read on...

The role of the micribiomes in fish

One of the areas of fish biology that is poorly understood is the interaction between the countless populations of…

How to successfully feed fish during the holiday season

Although some pets can come along with us when we go on holiday, or visit the kennels or cattery, an aquarium or pond is…

Join the puffer fish fan club!

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Just look at that little face... No wonder then, that so many fishkeepers find these little puffers so hard to resist.

Travels with your fish

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Whether moving home, selling to a friend, or rehousing fry, at some stage we all need to catch and transport fish.…

Meet the shell dwellers

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In the dangerous expanses of open water, it can pay to be a small fish. So small, in fact, that you can hide in a snail…

Electric blues

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Electric blues