Me and my tank: Luke Bescoby


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We're always interested to hear about your tank set-ups and the fish you keep, whatever the size of the aquarium and your level of experience. Here we spotlight two lovely set-ups belonging to Luke Bescoby from Lincoln.


Fishkeeper: Luke Bescoby.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Extrusion machine operator.
Whereabouts: Lincoln.
Time in the hobby: Eight years properly, although I have grown up around fish.
Number of tanks: Two; a 120 l/27 gal and a 55 l/12 gal set-up.

What attracted you to the hobby?

It’s something I have always been around. I enjoy the collecting aspect.

How would you describe your tanks?

Planted, with nano fish and inverts.

What’s your favourite fish?

My Danionella. They took me a long time to track down but definitely worth the wait. They are quite uncommon, very small and very lively.

What’s the most challenging fish you’ve kept?

I wouldn’t say anything I have kept has been a difficult species. As long as they are housed and fed appropriately then there are few that I would consider challenging.

And the easiest?

Danionella. Because of the tiny size of these fish and my low stocking level, water changes are a breeze. I have no detectable nitrates with a 10% fortnightly water change.

What’s your favourite plant? Mosses. They never fail to look impressive even when you skip a few days with the ferts.

My current stock

Cherry shrimps (blue, black, red and yellow).
Crystal red shrimp.
Panda bee shrimp.
Sri Lanka dwarf shrimp, Caridina simoni.
Amano shrimp, Caridina multidentata.
Paracaridina 'Blue bee'.
Batman snails.
Apple snails, Pomacea spp.
Nerite snails.
Sulawesi snails.
Danionella sp.`
Boraras urophthalmoides.
Bristlenose catfish, Ancistrus sp.
Sparkling gourami, Trichopsis pumila.
Pygmy corys, Corydoras pygmaeus.
Endlers guppy, Poecilia wingei.

My advice for beginners

Seek advice. It’s always good to seek advice online. It’s nearly always impartial and you get a good spectrum of views about a subject.

Save money
Don’t waste money on 'miracles in a bottle'. A lot of commonly used products can be made for a few quid for a lifetime’s supply.

Things I wish I’d known…

Fishless cycling has really taken off now. I’m guilty of cycling previous tanks with mollies, poor things.

My wish list

Which fish would you most like to keep?

Zebra plecs, Hypancistrus zebra, because they are simply stunning. Also Black ghost knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons, because I used to have a large specimen which I had to rehome and it’s the only fish I really miss keeping.

What would be your dream aquarium?

I’d love a huge Sulawesi biotope incorporating shrimp, snails, sponges and fish.