Superfish Wave 15 nano tank


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Nathan Hill takes a close-up look at this new nano aquarium.

With so many nano tanks available nowadays manufacturers are looking for more in the way of unique selling points and the Wave 15 does incorporate some pretty notable differences.

The strongest individuation of the tank reveals itself in the lighting and canopy design. The ‘hood’ sits hinged a couple of inches above the surface of the tank which gapes open topped or, if preferred, with a plastic condensation cover provided.

In the canopy are multiple LED lights, throwing out an attractive blue-white light and a reasonable reading of 33 PAR at the base of the tank. At the touch of a button you have dimmable control over both the white and blue elements of the spectrum.

The lights can be set to different intensities starting at the strongest, so this is a great system to gradually dim lights at night.

There have been low murmurings about the lighting being suitable for marines but, with the simple filtration and tiny volume, I feel that this is the domain of pioneers who will want to tweak their tank.

White lights come with four pre-set levels and blue with two, so a wide range of effects are attainable. In the event of LED failure, the whole overhanging canopy can be simply slid off and, one supposes, replaced.

The filter is sat in a discrete plastic shield at the rear centre of the tank and this can also accommodate a heater, available at just £10 extra cost.

The position is smart and doesn’t detract from the look of the kit, and although critics may claim that it does limit filter relocation. I’m unfazed by it.

The base of the unit is tidy, and set into a moulded plastic base. Three colours are available - white, black and red, with the white and red models looking particularly attractive.

As a complete unit the Wave looks modern and will appeal to the desktop genre of fishkeeper who may be wanting a small office set-up.

The Wave 15 is available from Aquadistri.

Price: £59.99 or £69.99 with a heater included.

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