Review: Superfish Home 25 aquarium


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Nathan Hill takes a look at this new tank package, which costs less than £100.

A smart and different looking tank from Superfish, the Home 25 is not entirely without glitches — but as an overall package it’s pretty good.

Obviously, this is catering for the more entry level and lifestyle aquarist rather than the dedicated hobbyist. However, saying that, I’ve already seen a couple of delicious aquascapes put together using one and I don’t think anyone should rule this tank out as a potential project.

I like the inclusion of LEDs over traditional lighting options and although they’re not glaringly bright they’ll sustain the easy-to-care-for plants like Java fern, Anubias and some mosses.

On the downside, I’m not as impressed with the on/off buttons for those lights. Although they can be set in increments, I can’t build up gradually.

So it’s a case of full lighting and then working back down the scale, which bugs me as I’d love them to come on just one stage at a time for new introductions and for some morning illumination.

The canopy is nicely designed to hinge up, giving you a huge open space at the top to perform any maintenance work.

The filtration is the now time-tested Aqua-internal 100, which carries both foam as well as many optional chemical cartridges you can purchase.

There’s a closed-off compartment in which to slot the filter, much like the Juwel designs, and the heater can be slipped in there as well. It’s a very tidy layout.

My two gripes with the tank involve the black, plastic surround that encases it, and the cover glass.

The latter is a minor issue, but mine is bent and doesn’t sit flush the way I’d like it to. As a result,It detracts visually from what is a very nice design.

The black surround is a bit more of an issue, in that it falls apart far too easily for my liking.

A few times now I’ve pulled up on the light, only to have half the trim come away in my hands.That’s not the end of the world, as it fits back together easily enough, but I’d have more confidence if the unit had been built a little more robustly.

At 25l/5.5 gal capacity, this won't heave with shoaling fish and is probably best suited to some shrimps or Boraras. However, as an affordable planting project for the aquascape newcomer, I think it’ll be very popular.


At under £100, this will be a great Christmas treat for someone special — or gift for yourself. If I had the space, I’d be setting it up as a shrimp system right now.

Price: £89.95, available in the UK through Aquadistri.