Review: The aquascaper complete liquid plant food from Evolution Aqua


The aquascaper complete liquid plant food looks to circumvent the old problems associated with fertilisers

As a logical compliment to the range of aquascaping goodies Evolution Aqua is making under ‘the aquascaper’ brand, it makes sense that a plant food was destined to follow, says Nathan Hill. 

The aquascaper complete liquid plant food looks to circumvent the old problems associated with fertilisers. Namely, it takes away the hassle of making up an EI mix, while still providing the breadth of nutrients that EI provides. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus is supplied in a single mix, with trace elements incorporated — while not giving patent details, they claim to have gotten around the old problem of stabilising the chelated elements by adding an unspecified acid. 

Dosage is daily, but varies according to plant growing method. Low dosages, at 1ml per 50 l daily, is aimed at aquaria with low light and no added carbon source. Mid dosage, at 2ml per 50 l daily, is geared towards aquaria with moderate light levels and liquid carbon dosing. Finally, high dosage of 5ml per 50 l daily is aimed at higher energy tanks with intense lighting and CO2 injection. 

Whichever dose is used, a weekly, 50% water change is advised (this is pretty much the norm for a ferts-infused planted tank). To facilitate precise dosing, there’s a 5ml syringe included in the package, and for larger doses one full capful equates to roughly 10ml. 

One highly pleasing feature is that the bottle is opaque. Nutrients can be affected by direct light (and the associated heat) which always baffles me when I see ferts proudly displayed in bright areas in clear bottles. 

Given that this is George Farmer’s brainchild, under his brand, and given that he’s built up an entire career around successful aquascaping, I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you want to see the evidence of it working, just look at any of his tanks in the mag, or online. That’s what theaquascaper complete plant food will get you…

Bottle size for now is restricted to 500ml, but you don’t need any other bottles of additional ferts, so it’s pretty cost effective. 


High time, frankly. George Farmer has spent so long messing with and learning from other people’s fertilisers that his own master blend is long overdue. 

Price: £12.99 for 500ml.

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