Review: Tetra AquaArt Explorer Tropical Tank 60 litre


Jeremy Gay takes a look at this latest aquarium offering from Tetra.

It’s good…

The AquaArt Explorer may at first seem like it is aimed at kids or new fishkeepers, but I think experienced fishkeepers will be able to have some fun with it and make it look accessible even to us 'serious' fishkeepers. Like many tanks now, it comes with an LED light but this easy to use, easy to fit, clip on light illuminates the tanks well and is of a good spectrum under which to grow plants.

The filter has a space to place the heater, which protects the heater and ensures good heat distribution via the filter flow.

That tank shape can lead to some interesting aquascape designs so go ahead and be creative.


The background picture provided is of a really poor aquascape and that was actually putting me off setting up — the thought that when finished it would like that. The filter is bulky and will stick a mile unless you fit a black background. Then it disappears quite well. They don’t do cabinets for them, so you’ll have a mismatch cabinet shape no matter what you sit it on.

The supplied product photographs include fish like goldfish in the smaller 30 litre model, which I know will enrage Practical Fishkeeping readers because they will outgrow such tiny tanks. PFK doesn’t recommend such fish choices. Tetra you’ve been told!

The verdict

Leave me in a room long enough with any aquarium in the world and I’ll set it up, yet I was pleasantly surprised with what I could do with this model (the 60 litre model at least) and how it’s grown on me. I like the easy access filter, the LED light is good and of a suitable spectrum to encourage plants and replicate natural sunlight. If you stock it with suitably small fish, you’ll have an inviting little world.  


  • Light, filter, interesting shape.


  • No cabinet, rubbish background picture.

Price: £99.99.

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