Review: Tamodine from Fish Treatment


This treatment is a definite must for the medicine cupboard, says Nathan Hill.

This product will appeal to Koi keepers as well as owners of burly fish that are prone to getting cuts and grazes.

Tamodine is basically an iodine treatment that can be applied directly to any wounds and, uncannily, just days after our sample arrived, one member of staff reported having a problem with an onset ulcer on a fancy goldfish.

She took the bottle away that day, treated the fish twice, and, lo and behold, the ulcer was no more. Inside a week all the symptoms had disappeared.

We used it by applying undiluted via a cotton bud, but you could just as easily apply with a small paintbrush.

Ideally, you’d want to cover the wound directly after the treatment with something like Orahesive powder to seal and waterproof the affected area, but we had excellent results without having to do so.

You don’t want to apply this treatment directly to the water — that’s not what it’s designed for. However, if used properly, I give it nothing but praise.


Buy some, put it somewhere safe, and get some cotton buds to sit alongside. Then, if you get an ulcer outbreak, this is your first course of action. I’ll not be without a bottle of the stuff from now on.

Price: £8.50 for a 50ml bottle from

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