Review: Superfish IQ13 Reef aquarium


Jeremy Gay checks out this new nano tank for marines from Aquadistri...

It’s good…

I don’t know how it’s possible for an aquarium to look cute, but this acrylic nano tank from Dutch wholesaler Aquadistri certainly does.

It’s small, slick and glossy, and at 13 l/ 3 gal gross volume and just 33 x 27 x 22cm/13 x 11 x 9", it will fit in anywhere, is dead cheap to set up, fill with livestock and even run. It comes with a neat marine spectrum, dual colour LED light, air powered skimmer and large filter chamber built into the back. There’s room for a nano heater back there too.

All you’ll need is some coral sand, a small chunk of live rock and some saltwater (consider ready-made for even less hassle) and you could have a nano reef set up in about half an hour. And being acrylic, it’s tough, very clear for viewing, yet safe.

What a great, low cost, low hassle first time foray into reefkeeping, and even the pro reefkeepers could do lots of things with it. And, if you want to pimp with extra lighting, flow or cooling at your own cost, you can, as it’s a versatile tank and could easily be tailored to the needs of individual invertebrates.


There’s not much not to like really, only air powered skimmers this small have limited skimming capabilities and I’d probably consider running it without one. It’s too small for fish so Nemo is out unfortunately, and being acrylic, be careful not to scratch it and spoil that viewing pane.

The verdict

It’s a small, low cost tank that made me want to set it up as soon as I got my hands on it. It’s loads of fun, and if you do your research, there are actually loads of tiny inverts small enough to inhabit it. It would make a great present and is a great way to bring a bit of marine life into your living room, kitchen or bedroom.


  • Small
  • Cheap to set up 


  • Skimmer isn’t brilliant
  • Too small for fish

Price: £89.99. More info from

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