Review: Superfish Aqua Expert 30 aquarium


Despite being named the Aqua Expert, the good news is that you don't have to be an expert to own and run this tank, writes Jeremy Gay. In fact, it's very good for beginners.

Holding 30 l/6.5 gal gross water volume, the tank’s external dimensions are 41.5 x 28.4 x 53.6cm/16.3 x 11.1 x 21.1" making it suitable as a nano tank and for small fish. An Aqua Flow internal power filter comes in the package, and housed inside the slim line hood is a 6w colour-enhancing LED light containing 18 diodes.

The result is a modern look as the hood is so shallow and neat, low running costs as the light uses so little power, and it also does what it says it does and really enhances fish and décor colouration.

I decorated our test model with some plastic plants and some tiny fish, and the colours were much richer and more enhanced than those of a tank next to it using two market leading colour enhancing T5 bulbs. So, if you want mega colour in a small package this is the tank for you. The light itself isn’t overly bright but is sufficient to grow most hardy plants.

The tank is lined in black silicone and the hood and trim are available in black, white or grey. No heater is supplied so source your own if you need one, and the tank comes with a two-year warranty.

Despite being glass-walled, this tank has a plastic base. This may be a cost-saving exercise at production level, but water tightness isn’t affected and, if anything, it will put up with many more knocks and rocks dropped inside it.


The Aqua Expert is a fitting model for the value Superfish range of aquarium products, and it is a brand that is growing in popularity here in the UK because the prices are so good.

Price: SRP £59.99; more info available from

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