Review: Oase Riverwood resin ornaments


With a wealth of history as a top pond brand, Oase have been pushing in to the aquarium market for a few years now and their product range just keeps growing.

Brand: Oase

Product: Riverwood and layered slate ornaments

First look: Steve Baker

RRP: £68.99 - £84.99

More info:

When you want to see wood in your aquarium, but you don’t want tannins staining your tank water – Oase brings you Riverwood resin ornaments.

When you want to see stone, but don’t want the weight and water displacement – Oase offers you Layered rock resin ornaments in both slate and sandstone colours.

But these types of natural imitation resin ornaments are nothing new so, what are Oase bringing to the table?

Size is one of the main differences from many other resin ornaments adorning aquatics shops shelves. With the large Riverwood ornament measuring 50.5cm (long or high depending on orientation) and the largest stone ornament measuring 47cm long, they dwarf many other options.

If you noticed the price range above then you’ll realise this size doesn’t come cheap. However, you can find them for sale with a discount of around £20 each, quite easily. We’re still talking substantially more cost than buying real wood and real stone though.

One thing you can’t do so easily is attach real rocks to backgrounds. That’s exactly what Oase encourage you to do with their slate and sandstone flexible backgrounds – fix the layered rock ornaments on for a 3D background. Of course they can also be used loose, in different orientations, around the aquarium.

The medium and large riverwood ornaments are usable as upright features to ad height to your display, or can be laid down depending on preference. They look very handy for obscuring the view of heaters, internal filters or pipework for external filters.

Also available is a set of three loose branches (RRP £31.49, but available for under £25), for detailing work.