Review: Bubble Magus SPS growing shelf


If you fancy having a go at fragging your own corals, here's a simple little device to get you started, says Nathan Hill.

I’m not sure what this is officially called, as the packaging lists it as ‘Bracket of SPS grow base (S/up to half-inch walls).’ I’m not sure what that means exactly, other than Bubble Magus needs to employ a translator.

However, like other Bubble Magus goodies I’ve played with, this is a brilliant device and so painfully simple it hurts. Retailers selling frags will want these for sure and if they’re not fragging their own on site they’ll soon want to with these.

Hobbyists will delight. The shelf is all acrylic and connects to the tank via three included magnets: smart, acrylic encased ones at that. I’d be happy having one on anything up to 15mm/0.6” thick glass, but after that it’s a gamble.

The shelf has enough space for all 12 of the supplied fragging discs.  As long as you can get it to sit under somewhere with plenty of light your fragging career can start immediately

I’d be careful cleaning it though and maybe think about getting some soft-bristled toothbrushes, because if you scratch it and algae gets in to those abrasions you’ll have an ugly-looking device in no time. To be fair, it won’t affect the shelf’s function so won’t make much difference.


This is simple and smart. I want to set up a reef tank with a sump and then dedicate a chamber to just water and light so I can keep one of these. It makes me want to frag!

Price: Retails at around £48.95. Available in the UK through J and K Aquatics.

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