New Royal Nature Pro Formula Salt


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Royal Nature is a young company proudly claiming that hobbyists and oceanographers are at the organisation's very core and this new product is already fast becoming popular with retailers.

I’ve seen it as far afield as Scotland to South Wales, and everywhere between, and the retailers I’ve spoken to love it.

There’s not a huge amount that can be said about how it behaves with livestock. It dissolves easily and those few inverts that I’m using it with seem very happy.

Primarily this is an evaporation salt, meaning that it is the residue remaining after water has left the natural saltwater sample. In theory, this means that the ratio of salt to minerals is exactly as it would be in the sea, but the flaw is that saltwater chemistry tends to alter at various depths of open area.

So, if surface water is being evaporated and you’re keeping animals from 10m/33’ down, then the chemistry may not be spot on.

However, other salts and minerals have been added by Royal Nature to give a total salt package, with emphasis placed on balancing calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and pH.

An attractive feature for many will be price. At a scant £69.99 for 23kg, this will appeal to keepers of big FO or FOWLR systems  in which big water changes may be the norm.

Even committed reef fans will find this product worth investigating and potentially tweaking it if necessary.

Price: £69.99; available through J and K Aquatic wholesale stockists.

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