New bloodworm-shaped Discus pellets!


Nathan Hill takes a look at the new Discus Formula Pellets from Ocean Nutrition.

Ocean Nutrition has produced a dry pellet that physically replicates the worm of choice for most fish. Scoffing at first, I opened the pack up and filled up on a whole humble pie – these do look exactly like bloodworm.

For some reason, we Brits have not embraced Ocean Nutrition foods as much as Europe or America, and I think we’re missing out here. Ingredients in these pellets are superb, with the addition of a small army of vitamins with various uses.

Containing garlic and Spirulina as seems to be the trend these days, the main ingredient used is baby brine shrimp, which if harvested at the right time will be incredibly nutritious.

I’m not sure if my packaging was a misprint, but there was text all over the place. However, this doesn’t detract at all from what’s in the tub. A superb, rich red food that has excellent nutritional balance, that I think Discus keepers would do well to try.

I suspect that colour enhancement will be noticeable with this food, although I’m reserved about any food that claims to reduce stress. Admittedly, there is evidence that Beta glucans can reduce cortisol, but I’d be wary about too grandiose a claim with the evidence as it stands.

It’s not particularly cheap, but given the baby brine ingredient, I wouldn’t expect it to be. You’re looking at high quality food at a premium, that you can expect to deliver results.

Price: £12.49 for 125g. Available in the UK from ALF Ltd.

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