gUSH 'J' thermometer review


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Fed up with thermometers that have dodgy suckers and just won't stick? Nathan Hill has the answer in this offering from gUSH.

This is the time when I can finally take my old thermometer with its endlessly failing sucker from my tank and smash it into a billion pieces.

I’ve seen this design before, from a different brand and about five times the price, and I’m so glad gUSH has finally done its own.

Let’s face it, the thermometer is one of the ugliest pieces of equipment we own, except maybe the heater itself.

The sucker gradually becomes brittle and you spend more time picking it off of the bottom of the tank than reading it.

These ‘J’ design thermometers simply hook over the top of the tank and have aesthetic merit into the bargain.

On the downside, if you’ve got a lid on the tank, or a lip around it, you can’t use this thermometer. It won’t fit. Then it’s time for a new, open topped tank.  

The other minor issue is if you like to have your water level riding at the very top of your tank. If you do, then, via the magical powers of surface tension, you’ll have water wicking up inside the thermometer and down the other side of the tank.

The price is no more than some very tacky looking designs I’ve seen. Even the blue indicating liquid is a nice change.

Now go look in your tank. I bet your thermometer has fallen off again...

Price: £6.99 from

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