Easy-Life liquid fertilisers review


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George Farmer has been testing the Easy-Life range of liquid fertilisers.

I have used combinations of the Easy-Life range for two years on planted aquariums ranging from low-energy nano tanks to high-energy set-ups with lots of lighting and pressurised CO2.  

It includes EasyCarbo, a liquid carbon additive; ProFito, a comprehensive micronutrient additive including potassium and magnesium macronutrients; Ferro, an iron supplement including potassium; Nitro, a nitrogen supplement and Fosfo, a phosphorus supplement.

It’s good…

EasyCarbo is an ideal source of carbon for those who do not inject CO2 and can be very economical. Just 500ml costs around £10 and can last well over 12 months in a 25 l/5.5 gal heavily planted aquarium. It also helps prevent certain algae types.

ProFito contains all the required micronutrients as well as potassium and magnesium and, in combination with EasyCarbo, performs well for most low to medium-energy planted tanks with or without CO2 injection. I have been using it for over a year in my own 25 l/5.5 gal planted tank.  

Higher energy planted aquariums may need additional nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and quantities and ratios can be tailored using Nitro and Fosfo.  

Ferro will boost iron levels, as well as potassium.  

The entire range is of most use to more experienced plant growers wishing to tailor nutrient management.

A good example is when using tapwater high in phosphates but low in nitrates, so dosing Nitro, but not Fosfo would be ideal.   


Using the entire range in a larger high-energy aquarium may be expensive when compared with an all-in-one, or mixing your own.

The bottles come supplied with measuring caps, but for small dosing, are not very accurate.

EasyCarbo can be toxic to livestock if overdosed and some plants may suffer. Some shrimp can be sensitive to EasyCarbo.

The verdict

Easy-Life have catered particularly well for the planted hobbyist by providing an excellent range suitable from beginner to advanced grower.

EasyCarbo is very good in its own right as a CO2 replacement or supplement. It’s recommended for most planted tank owners, but great care should be taken to avoid any overdosing.  

ProFito has proved to be a good all-rounder,  eminently suitable for most situations, and can be supplemented with Ferro, Nitro or Fosfo for more demanding aquariums with higher levels of light and CO2.  

Using the entire Easy-Life range can prove relatively expensive, but the investment does cater for advanced growers not wishing to make their own fertilisers using dry chemicals or buying any all-in-one products.

Product: Easy-Life EasyCarbo, ProFito, Ferro, Nitro, Fosfo

Price: From around £6-£50

Reviewer: George Farmer

Rating: 4/5  


  • Proven performer.
  • Good, clear instructions.
  • Ideal for beginner or expert.
  • Some retailers offer discounts for buying combination of products.


  • Relatively expensive compared with dry chemicals and all-in-one products.
  • Awkward to measure small quantities.
  • Some residues in liquid.
  • Easy Carbo can be harmful if overdosed.

This item first appeared in the May 2010 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. It may not be reproduced without written permission.