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If ever there was a tank that made me want to keep marines it is this one, says PFK editor Jeremy Gay.

Dutch reefkeeper Robertus shows off the evolution of his second reef tank, and what a tank it is. It's not the biggest at 450 l/100 gal. but it is certainly one of the best, and what's more it's one of two, the other holding just 225 l/50 gal.

The aquascaping is superb, with a rockscape that seems to hover above the sand and not an inch of the actual base rock on view, this tank, and the health of its corals was world class. Why it never received more views than this I'll never know but I know that I could only dream of getting anywhere close to this guy's reefkeeping skills.

What's worst about it is that he had to take the aquarium down in the end due to work commitments and the fact that he couldn't bear to run it looking anything less than pristine and perfect.

So raise a cursor to Robertus and his reef, click "like" and leave him a comment. What a reef tank…

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