Women brawl after fish gets flushed


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Women brawl after fish gets flushed


A woman was given a community order by a court yesterday following a fight triggered by flushing her friend's fish down the loo.

According to reports from The Sun and The Mirror, Anna Sharples flushed her friend Ann-Marie Smith's pet goldfish down the toilet after claiming it was unwell.

Smith "stormed" round to her neighbour's house yelling "fish murderer".

Although Sharples asked Smith to forgive her for flushing the fish, Smith pulled her hair and punch her in the face.

Sharples admitted assault and was given a one-year community order must pay compensation of 125 and 42 court costs.

The Mirror reported her as saying: "She was hitting me and behaving like something out of a horror movie. It was scary.

"I was covered in bruises, all over a stupid fish. It's unbelievable."

"It was in the corner with lots of fungi round it. I thought it was half dead. Mum and I decided to put it down the toilet as the thing was diseased."