Woman smuggles L-number plecs in her skirt


A woman has been caught attempting to smuggle fish into Australia by hiding them inside her skirt.

Customs officials at Melbourne Airport in Australia were alerted to the suspicious woman by the unusual sounds of flapping coming from her skirt.

Underneath it they found a purpose-built apron containing 15 fish bags and a total of 51 tropical freshwater fish.

From the pictures published by the BBC, these appear to include a number of L-number plecs, including the undescribed Queen Arabesque peckoltia and several botiine loaches, which appear to be the recently described Botia kubotai.

The woman, who was entering Australia on a flight from Singapore, is to be charged when customs officers have identified the fish.

According to The Scotsman, she faces a fine of up to 110,000 Australian dollars (41,800) and could also get a prison sentence of up to 10 years.