Wholesaler offers unusual trigger and tangs


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Here's something you don't see every day. If you have a weakness for rare fish, or a liking for those which are just a bit different from the norm, check out this marine trigger offered for sale by a wholesaler in the U.S.

It's an aberrant triggerfish from Bali, which Sun Pet Ltd. of Atlanta, Georgia tells us "…displays a beautiful yellowish-white body with fluorescent orange markings." It's thought to be a xanthic Undulate trigger and is around 10cm/4" in length.

Sun Pet also has two aberrant Scopas tangs in stock — a medium sized specimen (approximately 15cm/6") and a large one (20cm/8").

We haven't been supplied with prices for any of the above fish.

Sun Pet Ltd. is a wholesaler of tropical fish, marine fish, reptiles, small animals and birds.

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