White shark feeds in captivity


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The Monterey Bay Aquarium has become the first to successfully get a Great White shark to feed in captivity.

Great whites are notoriously difficult to keep and have never been known to feed while in captivity before, even when kept in very spacious pens or cages held at sea. Their new captive specimen, which is just over a metre long, recently made history when it ate several salmon fillets in its new home - a million US gallon tank.

The shark, which was caught accidentally off Southern California by fishermen was introduced into the aquarium last week after spending an acclimation period in a cage at sea. This was gradually reduced in size until it was approximately the same size as the new home for the shark.

The Aquarium said: "We hope to have the white shark on long-term exhibit, though no one else has exhibited one for more than 16 days. We'll constantly evaluate her condition and decide day-to-day whether she'll remain on display."