Whale vomit find worth thousands


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A couple who found a load of whale vomit on a beach could net nearly 165,000 if they sell it.

According to a report from the BBC, Leon Wright and his wife found the strange-looking hardened lump of whale vomit on an Australian beach and at first didn't realise what it was.

When they found the lump still in the same spot a fortnight later, they turned to the Internet and discovered that it was ambergris - a fatty deposit formed from bile in the innards of sperm whales.

Ambergris is thought to be a digestive aid to whales, forms when the whale throws up bile.

It is initially soft and fatty, but floats on the surface of the sea and hardens to become a rock-like substance which looks a bit like a dark slate-grey pebble with striking pale veins inside it.

The hardened vomit has a distinctive sweet smell and is still used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industry.

Because it is such a rare and sought after find ambergris commands a high price.