Whale sharks added to aquarium


Whale sharks added to aquarium


Two new Whale sharks have been added to the main exhibit at Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium.

The two female Whale sharks, named Alice and Trixie, have been added in the hope that they might pair off with the Aquarium's resident young male sharks - Ralph and Norton.

The females, which measure 3.35m/11' and 4.3m/14' travelled over 8000 miles from Taipei in Taiwan in a UPS Boeing 747 that was specially adapted to include a filtration system to keep the sharks safe on the journey.

The pilot of the aircraft that flew the fish to the Aquarium, Captain Bob Crum told CNN:

"As we were doing the descent, we asked to start down a little sooner to make a nice shallow descent, to not make things too uncomfortable back there for the whale sharks."

The Georgia Aquarium is the only one outside Asia to house Whale sharks, which are the world's largest fish species.

The four sharks live in the 6.2 million US gallon exhibit Ocean Voyager.