Watermarque Yeovil to become Southern Aquatics


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As of Friday 29th April, Southern Aquatics will take over the Watermarque Yeovil store, rebranding as a branch of Southern Aquatics.

Latest news from Watermarque Aquatic and J&K Aquatics.

"Our Yeovil store came under our ownership as part of a trading debt approx. 35 years ago. During this time, the store has operated as a separate entity to J&K Aquatics, and this has even involved building the current store on a bare site at ‘Lufton Way’.

While retail is where we started, J&K’s focus has always been on our wholesale operation.

With a large portfolio of products and some large pillar brands to promote and sell (such as Ciano, EHEIM, Betta and more), we need to devote our time and management resources to the wholesale side of the business and making that as good as possible.

In the last few years, it has become difficult for us to dedicate enough time or resources to the retail side of the business to make it successful, and Southern Aquatics were searching for another retail store, so they approached us.

It’s a win-win situation for all involved, J&K, Southern and the long-standing staff at the Yeovil store. We look forward to the next step in our relationship with Southern Aquatics."

Paul James
Managing Director