Watch your fish while you're away from home


Do you miss the peace of your tank when you're not at home? If the answer is yes then a new application has been developed that might just help you recapture some of that serenity.

The 'FishWatch' iphone application, developed by the German company Sunshine Apps, claims it will allow you 24-hour-a-day seven-days-a-week access to your fish tank. It will allow you to view live video feed, to turn lights on and off, to access to the circulation pump as well as other features.
Of course it’s not quite as simple as all that and you will need some additional hardware, a webcam and a permanently WiFi-connected phone, but we're sure that if you’re missing your fish that much, this will be a small price to pay.
The app is available from the Sunshine Apps store for the princely sum of £2.39.