Video: World's most creative goldfish aquascape


Well, one of them anyway, as I'd never seen anything like this before, writes Jeremy Gay.

To satisfy the goldfish police let's get all the usual stuff out of the way. Yes, goldfish will eat the plants and mess the tank up. And yes, the fish featured will also outgrow that aquarium.

For sheer aesthetic value and as a show tank I like it. After all, have you ever seen an aquarium that is furnished not only inside, but outside?

The first incarnation of this tank appeared on YouTube a while ago (scroll down to see this version) and by the looks of it the tank was on display at a Japanese aquatic show.

As aquascapes go it's pretty awesome in its own right, with trees made from wrapping Hygrophila polysperma around spindly branches and other tricks to imitate a terrestrial Japanese garden, viewed through a traditional Japanese house.

In the second version, however the makers have got even more elaborate, this time installing a pond, in a house, in a tank…

Love it, hate it, its up to you — but it caught my eye that's for sure, and at a time when the goldfish hobby is fast getting forgotten about in the aquascaping stakes.


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