Video: Woman attacked while swimming with dolphins


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Video: Woman attacked while swimming with dolphins

A woman who paid $100/£64 to swim with dolphins in Punta Cana landed up in hospital after they apparently took a dislike to her swimwear!

The dolphins were said to have become annoyed by a metal ring on Silvana Straccia's bikini and not long after she entered the enclosure at Bavara beach they began to circle her, singling her out from the rest of the swimmers, before one of them slapped her in the face with its tail. Then she was hit in the chest, leaving her with broken cartilage and extensive bruising.

"I almost died as I couldn't breathe... all my body was in shock. It was horrible and I will never forget it," she said.

She was later told that the dolphins had reacted to the metal ring on her bikini — apparently they dislike shiny accessories — and that they were probably just giving her a warning. Doctors said that if the dolphin had struck her with its nose instead, she would have died.

The attack happened while she was on holiday in the Dominican Republic with husband Ruben (who filmed the incident) and young son Gianfranco. She posted the video onto YouTube, commenting: "Wished I had never done it, as later realised how these animals suffer human abuse. They do the same routine every 20 mins surrounded by strangers, with noise, and orders...non stop!!"

You can watch the video below:

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