Video: Weedy scorpionfish at TMC Bristol


Tropical Marine Centre has a fabulous Weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa) in stock.

This species reaches around 8-9"/20-22.5cm in length, and colour can vary enormously.

They are ambush hunters, using their camouflage to disguise them. They move around the floor using their pectoral and pelvic fins and slowly stalk their unsuspecting prey until they're within striking distance.

In the aquarium they can usually be trained to take dead foods, but will attempt to eat anything they think they can fit into their large mouths, so choose tankmates with care.

These fish sometimes shed their outer epidermal layer to rid themselves of parasites and unwanted detritus. Frequent shedding may warrant some investigation, however.

It's venomous, so watch those spines!


Please note that TMC supplies to the trade only, however if you see something you like, your local dealer may be able to get it for you.

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