Video: Restaurant lets diners catch their own meals


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A restaurant chain in Japan gives its diners fishing gear so they can catch their own fish to be cooked and eaten.

Zauo (which translates as 'sit and fish') has loads of tanks full of fish around the edge of its boat-themed dining area and staff will direct you to the right one, depending on what you feel like eating - or how much you can afford to pay.

Each of the tanks contains a mix of fish to make it more random, but are weighted towards what's in your wallet. For example, you can opt to catch your dinner from a tank containing sea bream, mackerel or red snapper, or pay top dollar and go for saltwater eel, shark or lobster.

When the fish is caught, the customer hands it to a member of staff who takes it away and cooks it (or not, depending on whether they like sushi) before serving it up to them on a plate. Apparently the raw speciality is so fresh it's still twitching…

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