Video: Rare white Killer whale spotted


This video shows what is thought to be the first sighting of a white adult Killer whale in the wild.

The whale was spotted off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula in August 2010, and has been dubbed Iceberg by scientists.

It's the first albino Orca to have been known to survive into adulthood. They typically die before reaching maturity because their immune systems are weak, say scientists, but they estimate that by the size of Iceberg's dorsal fin, he's about 16 years old. He also swims alongside a pod of other Killer whales, which indicates he is in good health.

The rare whale was spotted by researchers from the Far Eastern Russia Orca Project. Another expedition to the area is planned for this year during which they hope to be able to determine whether Iceberg is a true albino by getting a photo of his eyes, to see if they are pink in colour.

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