Video: Now THAT'S a river tank!


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A video from Panta Rhei Aquarium in Brelingen has surfaced, showing what might be the most perfect suckermouth home to date.

Details are scant at this stage, but the tank, known as the rafting tank, appears to be set on a slope, with torrential flow heaving from top to bottom.

This aquarium is home to Panaque armbrusteri, a Brazilian catfish that lives amongst fallen trees and tangles of wood. As can be seen, this is a set up with plenty of that!

It acts as a powerful reminder that many of us can inadvertently mollycoddle our fish, bubble-wrapping them from what me might consider 'hostile' or harsh environments. In reality, these are the very environments such fish have often spent millions of years evolving to, and are at their most comfortable in.

Hopefully this’ll inspire aquarists to take a look at the aquaria they keep, get some hard revision done, and decide whether the home they’ve created really is accurate for their fish.

In the meantime, we at PFK are already scouring for resources to make one of these of our own, and will report as we go along!


Two well known names in the world of fish and nature: Mark Sabaj Peréz and Leandro Sousa discuss this fabulous torrent aquarium in the video below.

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