Video: Mutant ray on sale at Taiwan show for $100,000!


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This mutated Potamotrygon ray attracted a lot of attention at the recent 2013 Taiwan International Aquarium Expo in Taipei.

Instead of the complete round disc which is normal in stingrays, this captive-bred specimen has a U-shaped groove in the front.

The breeder says such rays are difficult to breed, hence the price of $100,000/£61,800. He told CCTV News that the mutation means the ray is unable to catch its own shrimp and needs to be hand fed instead.

The ray was one of thousands of fish on show at the exhibition, which saw more than 500 tanks holding fish from various countries over the four-day event.

You can watch a video showing more of the ray, along with some of the other exhibits, below.


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