Video: Monster 'bristleworm' discovered at Surrey store!


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A huge 1.5m/5' Bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois) has been found in a display tank at Maidenhead Aquatics' Woking branch, during maintenance work.

Staff at the store had no idea the huge aquatic polychaete worm was hiding out in the 200 l/44 gal reef tank. It's likely to have arrived some time ago, inside some live rock.

The worm was removed and placed into one of the shop's holding tanks, where soon after it split itself into three viable parts.

The origin of this predatory worm's common name is far from clear, but is thought to be a reference to Lorena Bobbit, who famously cut off her husband's penis. It's claimed that an underwater photographer saw the snapping capability of this worm's mouthparts — which can split a fish in two — and somehow made a connection. These worms may reach up to 3m/10' in length.


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