Video: Marquesan butterflyfish in stock at TMC


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Tropical Marine Centre has a stunning species of butterflyfish in stock at its Bristol branch.

The Marquesan butterflyfish (Chaetodon declivis) isn't commonly available in the hobby. It reaches around 12.5cm/5" and in the wild its diet includes coral polyps, crustaceans, and algae, but it will adapt to frozen foods containing algae, vitamin enriched brine shrimp and Mysis in captivity, along with dried algae.

Provide an aquarium of at least 450 l/100 gal with plenty of live rock. This species may pick at polyps and feather dusters in the reef tank.

Please note that TMC supplies to the trade only, however if you see something you like, your local dealer may be able to get it for you.


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