Video: Hand feeding Red tail catfish at The Deep, Hull


A lovely little video has been highlighted on the PFK forum of the Amazon Flooded Forest tank.

The video shows a huge, Amazonesque display tank housing many of the Amazon river mega fauna including Red tail catfish, Niger cats, Tiger shovelnoses, Pacu and stingrays.

What is nice to see however is that these large fish have room to swim and turn around, and it gives the viewer the chance to see the size of the R8ed tail in particular as it accepts offerings of fish from a diver.

The Deep are very active members of the Big Fish Campaign where they highlight the big problem that large unwanted tropical fish cause to public aquaria and the aquatic hobby as a whole.

In an ideal world all tankbusters would reside in tanks like this, but the reality is that most live out their days crammed into a 6 x 2 x 2' bare glass aquarium.

Being long-lived and expensive to heat, filter and feed, many are abandoned, leaving public aquaria to pic up the bill.

Don't buy small specimens of these large fish as it fuels their continuing trade.

Don't think that someone else will rehome them when they get too big either. There are already far too many overgrown specimens with not enough suitable homes.

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine backs the Big Fish Campaign.

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