Video: Goldfish 'drives' car!


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A new device allows fish to explore more of the world around them - by 'steering' their tank around on top of a car...

'Fish on Wheels' has been designed by Dutch firm Studio Dip.

The company says on its website: "In an attempt to liberate fish all over the world, the first self driving car for fish has been developed. Up until now driving vehicles has been limited to mankind only (excluding a handful of autonomous vehicles driven by computers), but now your pet fish can also put the pedal to the metal."

A prototype version of the device has been constructed using a standard webcam, a battery powered Beagleboard and an Arduino controlled robot vehicle.

The fish tank is mounted on the chassis of the car. The webcam located overhead detects the position of the fish and the car steers itself depending on which area of the tank the fish swims in: if it swims to the left side of the tank, the car steers itself left and so on… 

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