Video: Giant sinkhole swallows village pond


Residents of a remote village in Bosnia were stunned when a giant sinkhole swallowed up the local pond, complete with fish and nearby trees.

The site of the 130' x 26' pond in Sanica, where children used to go and fish, is now nothing more than a giant crater. Termed the 'abyss' by locals, it's more than 160' in diameter and almost 100' deep — and it's getting bigger (scroll down for video).

Some of the villagers believe it wasn't a sinkhole that swallowed the pond at all, but that fish triggered the explosion of a German World War II bomb, several of which were thrown into the water by a resident after the war.

Others believe the owner of the pond, who died recently, took it with him. Only days before his death he had told locals he intended to take everything with him when he passed away.

However, scientists say it's not uncommon for ponds and even small lakes to disappear. Such events can be triggered by changes in underground water currents or soil drainage due to irrigation.


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