Video: Giant aquarium breaks at Downtown Disney restaurant


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An enormous fish tank broke at a restaurant in Florida, sending water gushing out over the floor and dining tables.

The incident happened at Downtown Disney’s T-rex café restaurant in Orlando on Monday afternoon, after a seam on the circular marine aquarium failed.

Quick-thinking staff took immediate action, rushing to the tank with nets and empty rubbish bins to save the fish and as much of the water as possible, while other employees cleared guests away from the area.

Diners at the dinosaur-themed restaurant reported hearing a very loud noise before water began to pour from the tank. Katie Wallace told WGHP: ""We were sitting about 20 feet away. The people sitting at the table next to it did get wet…I don’t know how they could have avoided it."

There were no reports of injuries and all the fish were saved. They remain in holding tanks for the time being and the restaurant is open as usual.

A number of guests took pictures and video of the incident — like the one below.


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