Video: Flying gurnard at TMC Bristol


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TMC's Bristol branch has a Flying gurnard (Dactyloptena orientalis) in stock.

This unusual fish uses its pelvic fins to 'walk' along the floor. The wing-like pectoral fins are used to swim through the water in short 'flights' although it doesn't take to the air, despite its name. These large fins are spread to alarm predators, making the gurnard appear larger in size. They also help to camouflage the fish.

This fish gets to quite a large size, with 40cm/16" being stated, and it requires a big fish-only tank with plenty of open substrate and a well-fitting cover, as it's inclined to jump. It's a carnivore and will eat crustaceans and small fish such as gobies.


Please note that TMC supplies to the trade only, however if you see something you like, your local dealer may be able to get it for you.

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